English classroom she loves reading “Knowledge and Hope for Every Child” 

We exist to help Cambodian children become literate so they can participate fully in life. We provide them with opportunities to improve their health and hygiene so they can participate fully in school.

We believe education underpins any change so the work at our villages revolves around the schools.


Education empowers people personally and drives economic growth. New ERA helps provide of formal Khmer schooling, English language programs, sport programs, health programs as well as hygiene training for teachers and students. There is also the offer of training for the adults in work skills and health.

Furthermore, if people are hungry and sick, the children cannot study and parents cannot work and properly care for their family. So in partnership with the community and other NGO’s as well as providing education, we are working with the villagers to help them develop a healthier environment and lifestyle by provision of clean water well, dams and vegetable gardens.

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We work with honesty and transparency in all we do. We believe in development not aid. We aim:

  • to help the villagers to help themselves
  • for inclusion and empowerment of the villagers
  • for respect for the Khmer culture and environment


We apply best-practice guidelines for school development and emphasise community responsibility. Work is done in close consultation with the Village Chiefs, Community Committees, School Directors and Teachers as well as the Department of Education representative. We act on initiatives raised by the community leaders. Any of our own initiatives are discussed and approved by the Chiefs and Community Committees.

Where possible, we expect the villagers to contribute to the project so that they: 

  • Do not expect to receive “hand-outs” for no return.
  • Feel a sense of ownership.
  • Develop a sense of community with the school and in the village.
  • Take responsibility for the development.

For example:


  • The villagers contributed financially to the building of a dam.
  • The villagers contributed labour for building structures at the school e.g. kitchen, shelter.
  • For attendance and participation in Health and Hygiene and Nutrition training, the mothers received a new clean, fuel efficient stove.
  • The villagers have fenced the school, dam and vegetable gardens and installed piping and pumps for easier access to the dam water.

Chobb Romdeng and Chobb Kompleng

  • The villagers provided the timber and labour for the new classrooms. (New ERA only provided the tin for the roofing)
  • The communities provide housing and food for teachers they are able to attract from other areas.

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