How we became involved

Aa landmine museum1 The story began as a five-week holiday in 2007 for Mary and Sally. Seeing the great need for help they began doing volunteer work. Through the people they met, they were unexpectedly offered the opportunity to build the first school.

It was the beginning of a passion and a long term commitment by them and many family and friends to help empower the villagers through education and health improvement.


  • Mary worked teaching English to landmine victim children at The Landmine Museum started by Akira.
  • She got to know Akira, who is an ex-child soldier and currently a landmine clearer. With his wife Hourt they had set up an orphanage for 25 landmine victim children at the Museum.
  • Mary learnt that in the course of Akira's landmine clearing work, in the very remote areas, he would discover villages with lots of children but with no educational facilities provided by the government.
  • Akira asked if we would be able to provide the funds to build a school at one of these villages where he had received that request from the village chief.
  • Mary, her husband Eugene, Sally and many other family and friends provided the money for a timber classroom.
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History of New ERA Cambodia

Msg krekjoy Every year has brought new projects and challenges. The development has been an organic and step-by-step process. The projects are driven by the requests of the community. Everyone, including the villagers, is learning about community development. A large amount of helpful advice and encouragement has been given by Deborah Groves who is involved with Cambodian communities near Siem Reap.

Please see a full list of activities in the villages below.



O'Rumchek Village

  • Completion of landmine clearing in O’Rumchek.
  • First classroom in O’Rumchek built at the request of Land Mine Clearer, Akira.
  • Teachers employed and paid.


O'Rumchek Village

  • Malnutrition and lack of clean water identified as the reason for the poor state of health and happiness of the children.
  • Well for clean water installed.
  • Meetings held with O’Rumchek Teachers.
  • Teachers requested Medicine and Breakfast as the children are sick and hungry.
  • Breakfast program started.
  • Health checks and Teaching/Learning resources provided.
  • School enrolment grew. The government provided extra classrooms and the teachers’ wages.


Chrung Village

  • A small section of land and a narrow road into Chrung village cleared of landmines.
  • Second school built in the section of land cleared of land mines in the village.
  • Resources, medicine, sports equipment, and teachers’ wages provided.

O’Rumchek Village:

  • Health and Hygiene training for teachers and students.
  • On-going provision of clean water and well maintenance.
  • The teachers and students made vegetable garden.


O'Rumchek Village

  • Introduction of English language and Sports programs.
  • Appointment of Cambodian staff (Sunleang, Phoas and Sovanny) for teaching and project supervision.
  • New health clinics.
  • Dam constructed.


O'Rumchek Village

  • Second Level English program commenced.
  • Extensive vegetable gardens grown.
  • Mothers’ Health and Hygiene and Nutrition training.
  • Provision of clean and fuel efficient stoves.
  • New kitchen and shelter shed built.
  • Research for provision of aquaculture to increase children’s protein consumption.
  • Agriculture training.
  • Appointment of school health and hygiene suppervisor (Sin).
  • Women's business and home saftey training.


  • Teachers wages and teaching resources and uniforms provided.
  • Negotiations for dam to be built 2012.

Chobb Kompleng and Chobb Romdeng

  • Agreements made to assist with the Building of classrooms at Chobb Kompleng and Chobb Romdeng.
  • Resources, including blackboards, for teachers and students provided for very basic current classes at Chobb Kompleng and Chobb Romdeng.


O'Rumchek Village

  • Sewing training course
  • Sewing retail shop constructed
  • Mushroom growing developed
  • 2nd Dam dug
  • Garden beds constructed by Bremer High students

Chobb Kompleng and Chobb Romdeng Villages

  • Schools built


Chobb Kompleng

  • 3 dams dug
  • Beginning of Government school constructed
  • Advanced sewing classes completed

Chobb Romdeng

  • Well dug
  • Flagpole built


  • Dam dug
  • Beginning of Government school constructed

2014 - 2015


  • Learning materials and bicycles for Grade 6 graduates to ride to high school
  • Library resources provided
  • Increased number of English language teachers to 5
  • Financial support for New ERA teachers to attend Teachers Training College


  • Bridge built in Chobb Kompleng
  • Roads built in Chobb Kompleng and Chobb Romdeng to help access to school, health centres and markets
  • Upgrade of school building in Chobb Kompleng
  • School playground and garden development and maintenance


  • Dam built in Chrung
  • 3 Dams built in Chobb Romdeng
  • Pump from dam to toilets in O’Rumchek


  • Toilets built at Chrung school


  • Development and implementation of Child Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Training for parents in O’Rumchek and Chobb Romdeng
  • Education Session for women in O’Rumchek – Women’s Reproductive Health
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